Music Recording/Mixing
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Discogs Credit Page
SAGO – City-Wide Garbage Striks
Dragged In – EP I (Mix only)
Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish – Demo 2015
Katatonix – Katatonix
The Sofistifucks – We Fucking Hate It Here Chossi – Self Titled EP
Jealous Gods – Demo 2014
Wild Ram – Another Endless Night single
Jon Creeden – 2 songs for an upcoming split 7″ with US artist
Jon Creeden – 2 songs for an upcoming split 7″ with Farler’s Fury
Red Eye Flights – Self Titled EP OUT NOW!
The Horse You Rode In On – DEMO
Jon Creeden – Atlantic City (From “Thunder Road” comp Anxiety Attack Records)
The Rough Boys – Blood, Booze & Gasoline EP OUT 22/07/14!
City Death – City Life City Death
Scoop Trumbull & The Wrong Notes – Pull The Cork OUT NOW!
Baku, Eater of Dreams – As-yet-untitled release COMING SOON!
Jon Creeden – Home split 7″ with Jesse LeBourdais
Make No Gains – Placeholders & Prentenders (Album out soon!)
The Sofistifucks – Then They Came For Me (Album out soon!)
Jon Creeden – Beards LP
IDNS – 2013 Tour Tape
Dead Mouth – Hardcore For Death
Caiiro Foster – Bottle (Single)
No Breakup – Pity Party EP
Yantra – S/T Album
Scoop Trumbull & The Wrong Notes – The Jafsy EP
Dead Mouth – Demo
IDNS – Indoctrinations Cassette
Caiiro Foster – Piss Suit EP
The Rough Boys – Speed
Caiiro Foster – People Mover 7″
Buddy Black – S/T
Caiiro Foster – S/T EP
Teethmarks – Feral EP
Total Trash – Split 7″ w/ Mighty Atom
Total Trash – “Violence” From “City Limits” (Compilation – High Anxiety Records)