Sound Recordist / Boom Operator


“The Boys S3” (TV Series – Amazon Prime)

“Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City” (Feature – Sony Pictures)

“Records” (Documentary – Primitive)

“Top Chef Canada S9” (TV Series – Insight / Food Network)

“Wall of Chefs S1 & S2” (TV Series – Insight / Food Network)

“Inconvenient Indian” (Documentary – 99th Parallel)

“#Blessed” (Documentary – Notice Pictures)

“Hypernova” (Short)

“See No Evil S6” (TV Series – Saloon Media)

“Running With Violet S2” (Web Series – She Said Films)

“9/11 Kids” (Documentary – Saloon Media / PBS)

“Coppers” (Documentary – Primitive / TVO)

“Eve Egoyan: Duet For Solo Piano” (Documentary – Eggplant)

“I Lived With A Killer” (TV Series – Breakthrough Ent. / Superchannel)

“Mighty Trains S2” (TV Series – EPI / Discovery Channel)
“Science Max: Experiments At Large S3” (TV series – Breakthrough Ent. / TVO)
“Political Blind Date” (TV Series – Nomad Films / TVO)
“Auschwitz: The Final Months” (Documentary – Oxford Films / BBC)
“Vice News: World Of Hurt” (TV Series – Vice / HBO)
“Road To DOTA 2” (Documentary – Star Crossed Pictures / Turner Sports)
“Isabella’s Score” (AD – OPC / Amazon)
“Plan Canada” (AD – Frank Content / PLAN)
“The Hurdle: Knixwear” (Documentary – Shopify)
“Turning Tables” (Documentary – Turning Tables Media / Shopify)
“Blind Sighted S3” (TV Series – Breakthrough Ent. / AMI)
“There Is A House Here” (Documentary – Primitive / TVO)
“True North (Working Title)” (Documentary – NFB / Red Bull)
“Idello Dans La Cuisine” (AD – Chatterbox Branding / TFO)
“Letterkenny S3” (BTS – Get ‘er Done Productions / Crave TV)
“Hope” (Documentary – MDF Productions / Superchannel)
“End Diabetes” (PSA – Mathematics Films / Diabetes Canada)
“Score” (AD – Mathematics Films / Amazon Prime)
“Silent Killer” (PSA – Flavour Digital Media / Adhome / TSSA)
“G6” (TV Series – Go Button / Myx TV)
“Running With Violet S1” (Web Series – She Said Films)
“Mom vs. Matchmaker S2” (TV Series – Go Button / Myx TV)
“Far & Wide” (Web Series – Much Music / Bell Media )
“Hollywood Homicide S1” (TV Series – Breakthrough Ent./Reelz/OWN)
“Blind Sighted S2” (TV Series – Breakthrough Entertainment/AMI)
“Mcdonalds in Walmart” (Corp. – Live Wire/Worked Films)
“Mitsubishi Outlander S-AWC” (Corp. – Trailer Park Films)
“The Internet Wants” (Trailer – Postopian Pictures)
“Influences” CF Toronto Eaton Centre (AD – Coup & Co./Traffik)
“Running With Violet” (Trailer – She Said Films)
“Campbell’s Cantina” (AD – The Mint Agency/Morning Owl)
“Wet Blanket” (Short – She Said Films)
“2016 Mitsubishi Lancer” (Corp. – Trailer Park Films / Mitsubishi)
“The Bill” (AD – Corner Store Films / Manulife)
“Torys Xmas 2015” (Corp. – InFlo Films)
“Rethink Breast Cancer with Eric McCormick” (AD – Scarlett Street)
“Whole Lotto Love” (Short – Callowgrove Entertainment)
Nissan/Habitat For Humanity (AD – Neon Films)
Tim Horton’s “Hat Change” (AD – Corner Store)
“Camp Honda” (AD – Honda Motor Co.)
“Pursuing Giraffe: The Anne Innis Dagg Story” (Feature Documentary – Free Spirit Films)
CBCF/SU2C “Katherine” (PSA – Corner Store)
Cadillac “The Daring” (AD – Mathematics Films)
“2016 Mitsubishi Outlander” (AD – Trailer Park Films)
“Housekeeping” (Short – Callowgrove Entertainment)
“The Lemon Grove” (Feature – Lemon Grove Productions)
“Metrie Grand Lux Collection” (AD – Scarlett Street)
“Rethink Breast Cancer: Beauty Segments” (AD – Scarlett Street)
“YYZ Gameshow Ep. 2” (TV – Bell Local)
“Rat” (Documentary – Mind Refinery)
“Hunter’s Moon” (Feature – Men Of Characters)
“U of T Recruitment Video” (AD – Art from KaoS)
“The Grinch Who Stole Torys” (Corporate – InFlo Films)
“BITXBIT” (TV Pilot – Neon Films)
“Gaddar – The Traitor” (Feature – Titan Films)
“BMW X6 35i vs. Porsche Cayenne S” (AD – Trailer Park Films)
“BMW X6 35i vs. Range Rover Sport SE” (AD – Trailer Park Films)
“BMW X4 35i vs. Porsche Macan S” (AD – Trailer Park Films)
“BMW X4 28i vs. Range Rover Evoque” (AD – Trailer Park Films)
“BMW X3 28i vs. Audi Q5” (AD – Trailer Park Films)
“BMW 535 28i vs. Mercedes E Series” (AD – Trailer Park Films)
“Tour Exposed: Usher” (Web – Vevo)
“Office Ass” (Short – Hretorical Devices)
“Holmes Make It Right” S2 Ep.33 (TV Series – HGTV)
“RBC WE Day Artist Spotlight” (AD – Scarlett Street)
“Bell FIBE Food Truck Challenge” (AD – Scarlett Street)
“Canon Pro Lenses” (AD – Freshsox)
“Haphead Season 1” (Web Series – No Media Kings)
“Hired Help” (Short – High Tide)
“Gardenation” (TV Pilot – Media Monkey Productions)
“In The Dance Workout” (Video – Grade A Films)
“Blow It” (Promo – Grade A Films)
“She Sings For Me” (Short – BT Productions)
“Remains Of The Day” (Short – BravoFACT)
“Lorex Little Link” (AD – Airfoil Media)
“Brunch Around The World” (TV Pilot – Universal Media)
ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society (Industrial – Richard Picton Films)
“Haphead” (web pilot – No Media Kings)
“Borrowed Time” (Short – The Mind Refinery)
“Jim Carrey Movie Promo” (AD – Much Music/Bell Media Inc.)
“The Ocean Is Stupid” (Feature – Mark Fiorillo Films)
“That Much Closer with LORDE” (TV Short – Much Music/Bell Media Inc.)
“Grand Benders Season 3” (TV Series – MTV/BPM:TV Northern Outlaw Productions Inc)
“2014 Mitsubishi Mirage Product Video” (Industrial – Trailer Park Films)
“Lena” (Web – Coup Entertainment)
“Designers Care” (AD – Save The Children/The Republic)
“Modern Romance Is Dead” (Short – Belt Kids)
“Huron Services Group” (AD – Bruton Stroube Studios)
“Get CyberSafe” (PSA – Much Music/Bell Media Inc.)
“Unbury The Biscuit” (Short – Stratasfear/Heatscore Productions)
“Q” (Short – Reel Wolf/Sky Reach Productions)
Kama – “You Aint No Killa” (Music Video)
“Fall Out Boy Teaser” (Commercial – Much Music/Bell Media Inc)
“MMVA Teasers Save Your Screams” x3 (Commercials – Much Music/Bell Media Inc)
“Astro Kik Big Jingle Winner Showcase” (Webisode – Much Music/Bell Media Inc)
“Video On Trial Spot” (Commercial – Much Music/Bell Media Inc)
“Hottest Guys & Girls” (Commercial – Much Music/Bell Media Inc)
“Love on Love” (Video Spot – D.A.R.C. Productions Inc.)
“La Circuit” (Documentary – Furious Kings)
“Just Ella” (Short – No Media Kings)
“Mean Stinks” (PSA – Much Music/Bell Media Inc)
“Sound Shapes Pyramid Attack/Beck” (Video Spot – Queasy Games)
“Her With Me” (Short – Elmo Blatch Productions)
“Annabelle Falls” (Short 35mm – Furious Elations)
“Pathetic, Beautiful” (Short – Assassin Films)
“Budweiser Flash Fans Hockey” (Superbowl Commercial – Greenpoint Pictures)
“Fast Train” (TV Pilot – Rival 5 Entertainment)
“Blood Riders: The Devil Rides With Us” (Feature – Blood Riders Productions)
“NIKE: Always On” w/ P.K. Subban (Commercial – Greenpoint Pictures)
“Demolition DNA” (TV Pilot – eOne)
“The Unleashed” (Feature – Dark House Films)

Production Mixer
“She Sings For Me” (Short – BravoFACT)
“James Ogilvy” (Short – Shifting Doors Entertainment)
“Club Utopia” (Feature – Frank Caruso Films)

Video Game Music & Sound Design
Rollers Of The Realm (PS4 – Phantom Compass)
Endlight (Big Pants)
M.U.L.E. Returns (Comma 8 Studios)
Emo Bubble (iOS game, Absurd Games Ltd)
Seraph (iOS game, Golden Gear Games)
Code of War (Facebook game, Huge Monster Inc)
Flew the Coop (iOS game, JPK Games)

Music Recording/Mixing
Discogs Credit Page

Gag Order/Spree Killers – Split LP (Kick Rox Records)
Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish – Split LP
Dragged In – EP II
Dragged In – EP I
School Damage – Battered Lives – Album
SAGO – City-Wide Garbage Strike
Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish – Demo 2015
Katatonix – S/T
The Sofistifucks – We Fucking Hate It Here OUT NOW!
Chossi – Self Titled EP
Jealous Gods – Demo 2014
Wild Ram – Another Endless Night single
Jon Creeden – 2 songs for an upcoming split 7″ with US artist
Jon Creeden – split 7″ with Farler’s Fury (My Fingers! My Brain! Records)
Red Eye Flights – Self Titled EP OUT NOW!
The Horse You Rode In On – DEMO
Jon Creeden – Atlantic City (From “Thunder Road” comp Anxiety Attack Records)
The Rough Boys – Blood, Booze & Gasoline EP OUT NOW!
City Death – City Life City Death
Scoop Trumbull & The Wrong Notes – Pull The Cork OUT NOW!
Baku, Eater of Dreams – As-yet-untitled release COMING SOON!
Jon Creeden – Home split 7″ with Jesse LeBourdais
Make No Gains – Placeholders & Prentenders (Album out soon!)
The Sofistifucks – Then They Came For Me
Jon Creeden – Beards LP
IDNS – 2013 Tour Tape
Dead Mouth – Hardcore For Death
Caiiro Foster – Bottle (Single)
No Breakup – Pity Party EP
Yantra – S/T Album
Scoop Trumbull & The Wrong Notes – The Jafsy EP
Dead Mouth – Demo
IDNS – Indoctrinations Cassette
Caiiro Foster – Piss Suit EP
The Rough Boys – Speed
Caiiro Foster – People Mover 7″
Buddy Black – S/T
Caiiro Foster – S/T EP
Teethmarks – Feral EP
Total Trash – Split 7″ w/ Mighty Atom
Total Trash – “Violence” From “City Limits” (Compilation – High Anxiety Records)

Post Production
Borrowed Time (ADR Recording, Re-Recording Mixer)
Blood Riders: The Devil Rides With Us (Dialogue Editor, Re-Recording Mixer)
Harden Steele Trailer (Re-Recording mixer)
The Conspiracy Show Season 1 Episode 1 (Mixing Engineer)
The Conspiracy Show Season 1 Episode 2 (Mixing Engineer)